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A Christian tortured in a Chinese prison because of his belief!

Since 2013, Alamusha has endured mistreatment due to his refusal to admit guilt, which escalated when he embraced Christianity while in jail. Hohhot High Security Prison in Southern Mongolia, now renamed Hohhot Number 3 Prison, gained notoriety for its systematic and sadistic torture of inmates. Despite the name change, abusive practices by guards persisted.

Alamusha, a 28-year-old art student from a herder family, intervened in a street brawl in 2013, leading to a false identification as the main instigator and a 15-year prison sentence in Hohhot High Security Prison. His ordeal, common for those who deny guilt, intensified when he discovered Christianity in jail and declared his conversion.

Contrary to the prison’s purpose, Alamusha’s newfound faith resulted in more severe torture. A sadistic police officer and a fellow inmate beat him, causing a perforated eardrum. Upon complaining, he was isolated, receiving minimal sustenance and forced to drink from a urinal. Shackled, exposed to freezing temperatures, and with frostbitten feet, he promised not to press charges to secure release.

Family complaints led to his return to solitary confinement, where he was stripped of personal belongings and given worn clothing. For over forty days, he remained shackled, enduring constant beatings, being tied to a tiger bench, and facing near-starvation with reduced food rations.

This post is based on the information of the magazine “Bitter Winter”.


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