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Another brutal Chinese Raid on a Christian Church!

Elder Chang Shun, along with eight other believers, has been apprehended for the third time in half a year. The Maizhong Reformed Church in Fuyang, Anhui province, continues to face turmoil as it resists affiliating with the government-controlled Three-Self Church. Following a previous raid on January 18, 2024, during a children’s prayer gathering, another operation has targeted this staunchly independent congregation.

On March 10, authorities intervened once again, resulting in Elder Chang Shun’s re-detainment. According to reports from Elder Chang’s spouse and local adherents, uniformed officers disrupted an adult prayer assembly without presenting any legal authorization. Those who sought to verify the officers’ mandate were also detained, with cell phones and computers confiscated.In total, eighteen believers were taken into custody, with eight facing a 13-day administrative detention and Elder Chang detained for 15 days. This marks the third instance of Elder Chang’s detention within six months.When a house church becomes a target, it faces relentless pressure until it either dissolves or acquiesces to joining the Three-Self Church.

This post is based on the information of the magazine “Bitter Winter”.


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